Larry Field

Lawrence N. Field, fondly known by the leaders of Ariel as Larry, was a dedicated friend and strategic growth partner for numerous projects in the city. He was one of the early donors for the Sports and Complex Center and the Leadership Development Center.

More recently, Larry, along with his daughters Lisa and Robyn, decided to support a project that was near and dear to his heart; entrepreneurship in Samaria. When Mayor Eli Shviro began to advance plans for the Young Adult Center, Larry expressed interest in developing entrepreneurial programming in the facility.

As the planning progressed, we learned more about Larry’s personal journey from his humble roots in the Bronx to building a successful real estate business in Beverly Hills, CA. Always generous, Larry also invested in his alma mater, Baruch College, and improved the Small Business Lab, and established the Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship in 2003.

The Baruch College Field Center would pave the way to the sister center that would ultimately be established in in Ariel. The Field Center for Entrepreneurship opened its doors in 2016 at the Young Adult Center. As per Larry’s vision, the Center has professional workshops, business courses, training sessions, and networking opportunities to help guide Field Center members. Recently, the opportunity for synergy and growth between the two Field centers occurred, thanks to the collaboration between the leadership and teams.

Over the years, whenever we would ask Larry how he was doing, he would invariably respond, “Not So Bad.” This was more than just a saying he liked; it defined him. In fact, he named his company NSB Associates and titled his autobiography Not So Bad — From The Bronx To Beverly Hills. He always had a pleasant disposition, greeting those he met with a smile and some quick wit. This is a message that resonates with our entrepreneurs today.

The Field Center for Entrepreneurship in Ariel is committed to the success of every member of our growing community. With Larry’s experience, perseverance, and pleasant disposition as our guiding light, we seek to impart the basis of successful entrepreneurship to our members.

If they can accomplish even fraction of Larry Field’s success, it will be seen as a lasting tribute to his legacy.
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