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We invite you to join the entrepreneurship and innovation community, together with your business you will grow the right way – the Field Center for is an entrepreneurship and innovation center that is dedicated to working with businesses in the Samaria region, together with our accelerators business development programs

Located in Ariel, the capital of Samaria, the Field Center for Entrepreneurship is leading the way in innovation and improving the entrepreneurial landscape in the region.

The Field Center opened its doors in 2016 and has accelerated hundreds of small businesses and startups, from hi-tech to no-tech and everything in between. We are a driving force in the entrepreneurial community and provide guidance, business promotion, and network development.

Webinar – Adv. Aviv Lazar – How to Start a Business

We are holding a zoom webinar and answering legal questions that might interest entrepreneurs while building their business. Topics to be discussed include establishing a company, fundraising, patent registration, Intellectual Property (licenses, copyright, trademarks), founders/ partners agreement, employee stock options, and more.  


The Field Center runs one of the largest accelerator programs in Samaria. We bring in mentors, lecturers, and experts in their field to guide the program members on the necessary skills to take their business to the next level.


There are several ongoing courses at the Field Center that teach valuable skills for entrepreneurs of all ages. From professionals and university students to youth looking to learn the tools needed to turn their ideas into a reality.


From a quiet coworking space to business development services, the Field Center is the place to be for any entrepreneur. There are plenty of networking opportunities, marketing, counseling, mentorship, and more. We also run multiple professional business courses that are designed to give you the tools needed for success.

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